Total Coffee AeroPress Go

If you've tried the original AeroPress and loved it, you will enjoy the convenience and size of the new AeroPress GO! It includes a cup which is super convenient and perfectly sized to match the press which was a bug bear of the original! 

It also comes with a small filter carry case which is great for travelling! We've included a link for a "Crew Review" where they show you exactly how to use it.

The AeroPress GO is the perfect brewing companion for travelling. Who wants instant coffee when you're out camping or on the road? Not us! The AeroPress GO is a game changer for the coffee lovers. The weekend away or outback adventure isn't total relaxing unless you can brew your favourite blend and savour every moment. We can honestly say, you won't regret this convenient and reasonably priced coffee press purchase! 

The inventor of the AeroPress says they've always "recommended brewing espresso strength, then adding water for an Americano or milk for a latte. In blind tasting tests, people ranging from professionals to coffee lovers always choose this (smoother) brewing method over pushing all the water through the grounds, which is more bitter. It's in the instructions in the box. Regarding the mug, you can think of it as a carrying case if you expect a suitable mug will always be available. But at 8,000 feet in the Sierra mountains, you might find it useful to press into."

We love the convenience of the AeroPress GO for all your outdoor adventures of life on the GO. At Total Coffee, we include a free bag of 250g coffee with any purchase of AeroPress GO and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

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The Total Coffee Team 

Written by Adan Tully