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Welcome to our Brew News Coffee of the Month 


We know it's getting cooler and we all drink more coffee in Winter so we thought we might introduce you to one of our blends each month so you can learn about different roasts, tasting notes and the story behind each blend.

First off, is our very own JP'S 😍 Grab your cup of coffee and have a read about this stunning blend loving crafted here in Australia...






In 2005, my Dad lent me the money to buy a coffee business. I didn’t know anything about coffee. I didn’t even drink coffee! But, my Father believed in me or I was a good enough salesman to convince him!

My Dad’s name is John Paul and a few years ago, Dad had a horrific accident that changed his life forever.  Many of us, if faced with the same challenges, would have given up but Dad has crawled through his darkest days and now stands proud of his achievements.

Today my Dad is still my rock. He is my inspiration and my idol. We thought what better way to honour him than naming a coffee blend after him and from that, JP's was lovingly created. Months of research, developing and tasting went into JP's and in 2017, our blend came to life.

Featuring a devoted clientele, we think our JP's blend is stunning and we invite you to come and try this hand crafted blend.




Colombia, Costa Rica, Sumatra, New Guinea, Brazil.



Medium Roast showing characteristics of malt, honey and a mild nuttiness.
The roast character leaves lingering cocoa and caramel aftertastes.
JP'S works well in both milk based or black coffee.



A multi-origin medium roasted to give a complex, rich coffee with great depth.



September 2017



Perfect first up in the morning in my Huskee Cup


Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags in any grind preference or beans. Freshly roasted locally in Australia. Purchase here.

Written by Adan Tully